What is Hagia Sofia?

It is a paradise with…

…more than 130 hectares…

…divided to serve agricultural, ecological and touristic needs of society, located between 260 and 390 meters above sea level. Here you can see the different phases of organic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and timber, as well as a great diversity of flora and fauna, and also our beautiful hanging bridge.

We are also producers of organic fertilizers, with the aim of spreading and sharing the bases of the Sustainable Eco Development

Key points about our park:

Convenient location in the Sierra Madre mountains of southern Mexico, close to Huatulco city and all its 36 beaches where is about 28 degrees Celsius all year around!

Unique nature reserve, the only one in Oaxaca, containing different beaches close to the Magdalena River.

Delicious fruits grown in a completely organic, natural way! Also we are producing our fertilizers.

Any Questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy Hagia Sofia nature sounds:

You can ride on a zip-line. We have 5 types

We have a beautiful waterwall, where you can swim

You can see rare butterflies, whose beauty is really unique

You can walk in a green forest and numerous hills

Of course, nice river

And fruits!

How I can buy a ticket?

• You can buy a ticket directly in the office or in the park by cash.

•You can buy a ticket for a tour via PayPal or directly from your credit card using secure BBVA-provided payment system. After a successful payment you will immediately get your ticket, afterwards you will get a letter in your e-mail.

Our contacts:

Phone: +1-(958)-583-79-43

Email: reservaciones@hagiasofia.mx

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Our office location:

Mitla 402, local 7

Bahía de Santa Cruz Huatulco

Office phone: +1-(958)-587-08-71

How to get to our Park?

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