Hagia Sofia lies just outside the town of Apangutito in the municipality of Santa Maria Huatulco, Oaxaca. It is 35miles from the Hotel zone of Huatulco and 15kms from the Huatulco airport.

  • Take federal hwy 200 passing Universidad del Mar heading toward Pochutla
  • At kilolmeter236 turn, toward Santa Maria Huatulco
  • In Santa Maria Huatulco take the highway towards Pluma Hidalgo for approximately 6km. Look for the turn off to Magdalena
  • Take the turnoff to Magdalena and go about 3km and you will find Hagia Sofia.

Access: On the road to Santa Maria Huatulco to Pluma Hidalgo to km 6, to divert to the community of Magdalena by agap of 3 km dirt, or by the same route until km 94 in which lies the entrance.

Huatulco is a paradise located on the South coast of the Mexican Pacific Ocean in the State of Oaxaca.  Thirty five kilometers of coastline run along 9 bays including: San Augustin, Chachacual, Cacaluta, Maguey, El Organo, Santa Cruz, Chahue, Tangolunda and Conejos. One can enjoy as many 36 beaches in this region where brilliant crystalline waters are surrounded by the impressive Sierra Madre del Sur to the North and by the rivers Copalita and Coyula to the East and West respectively.  The total area includes 21,000 hectares of which16,400 are a designated preserve. This Parque Nacional Huatulco was set aside in 1998 for the regeneration and preservation of ecological balance in the region.

Enjoy a warm subtropical climate with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and 330 days of sunshine a year. These conditions foster lush growth for many species of Mexican plants in a mostly deciduous forest.

Huatulco is part of century XXI initiative put forth by the Mexican government combining the highest service and environmentally conscious standards. This initiative adopts international standards from programs such as Green Globe 21, Agenda 21, Empresa Limpia and Stars and Diamonds. As a  focus of this initiative, development in Huatulco  emphasizes sustainability using eco-friendly architecture and infrastructure. There are over 300 rooms available in a variety of settings from condominiums to hotels and all-inclusive European style plans.

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